Cremalat was established in 2004. guided by the vision to provide the best in the world of sweets.

For years, professionally and with lots of love, we create high-quality pastries. Our products are made of exquisite ingredients. Fresh sour cream, milk, eggs, butter and exquisite chocolate with geographical background are inevitable ingredients of our pastries. Contemporary technologies enriched with the ideas of best Italian pastry cooks enabled us to offer you best cakes, ice creams and pralines.


Pastries Cremalat hide magic world of taste. Chocolates from Equator, Columbia and Venezuela, vanilla from Madagascar, nuts from province Piermont of Italy and best Croatian dairy products merge in harmonious vertigo of sweet delight.
Many caterers enriched their offers with our sweet delicacies and attracted new guests. Enriching their offer with our delicacies their raised the quality of their offer but also attracted new customers who would recommend them.
Our products will be an excellent advertisement because the guest remembers the best what he consumes last- he remembers you after the dessert.